Health & Safety Risk Management specialist consultants based in Lincolnshire, covering the whole of Lincolnshire and beyond. We have worked in many industries with 20 years experience at varying levels within Health and Safety. Health and safety training applies to all industries, no matter the size of company. 


Lincolnshire Safety Solutions are different from other consultancies because we do the work expertly for you with a continued personal touch.

We'll help with your Statutory compliance with the minimum of effort from you, leaving you to focus on your other business needs.


We have carried out risk assessment covering from Renewable energy to the Chemical industry, machine guarding, and most industries experienced in between. All our consultants are degree standard qualified and members of IOSH. Contact me for any safety concerns you have or for a free site visit to look at your requirements. Safety Made Simple!


We offer bespoke designed courses tailored to your individual company or business needs or alternatively check out our accredited online e-learning packages from £8.00. Please get in touch if you require any more information. or Mark on 07833869983/01472 466225

The responsibility of health and safety lies not only with the owners but also with staff that operate around hazards as part of their daily work. There are some valuable ways for you to understand what health and safety training entails both online or at a training centre.

Health and safety training provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect their health and remain safe at all times, when working in a hazardous environment. When your employees have protection from injuries, as well as fatal accidents, it gives the business owner peace of mind and instils trust between employee and employer. If found breaking health and safety, the company owner and/or directors can be found liable. 

Therefore, providing regular online health and safety training courses for staff is imperative for the company to run safely and efficiently. This also reduces the amount of risk of your staff being involved in an incident at work and ensures your company is working in line with all the latest health and safety regulations.

Since our training courses are available online, you can take the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Many health and safety programs also provide audio and video lectures to make the course even more beneficial.

Those who take E-learning courses will be learning about the latest health and safety regulations from experienced professionals in the field. In the process, they will also be gaining valuable information about equipment safety, health and safety procedures, plant operations, power hazards, and product liability. Not only does health and safety training improve your company's overall safety program, but it also creates a more secure workplace for your employees.

An important reason why online health and safety training is beneficial is because it gives you a hands-on learning experience. Helps educate all staff on learning fully how to work safely in a work environment where the risk for injuries is high. It is also important that you show in company records that you have provided sufficient training for staff in health and safety and kept risk to an absolute minimum.

If you are interested in any of our health and safety e learning courses, please call us on 01472 466 225.