Risk Assessments

By law all employers must carry out risk assessments on the work that is done
by their employees and that is where Lincolnshire Safety Solutions can help.

From display screen equipment risk assessments for offices to personal protective equipment checks and COSHH assessments, we can undertake a full range of health and safety risk assessments for your business.

Every workplace has its own hazards including things such as electrical items, fire safety, manual handling, substances, chemicals, or anything that can cause damage to your physical or mental health. At Lincolnshire Safety Solutions we’re the experts when it comes to risk management and are able to carry out DSE, PPE, COSHH and other types of risk assessment for your business.

As part of our COSHH risk assessment we’ll help you identify these risks and the hazards that they pose to your workforce. We’ll also help to ensure that you have a proper accident book or similar ledger in place.

COSHH Assessment

Substances are one of the most dangerous types of hazards and one that is found in a lot of different workplaces. These include everything from heavy-duty solvents and dyes to cleaning materials. In order to make sure that you have a good handle on them all, your company needs to have a COSHH assessment done.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, a COSHH assessment involves finding hazardous substances including liquids, pastes, dusts, fumes, gases, and mists among other things. You also need to know where exposure to these things is possible, as well as what can happen if someone is exposed. Many materials have data sheets, but those that arise from industrial processes, such as the fumes created by welding, do not. You should also know which jobs or tasks create exposure risks.

Book your workplace risk assessment today by giving us a call on 01472 466 225, we cover Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas so get in touch to discuss your assessment needs.

Workplace risk assessments

In addition to specialised DSE, PPE and COSHH risk assessments we can also undertake a more generalised health and safety risk assessment for your workplace. This is important for spotting hazards and putting in place measures to either correct or mitigate the risks that go with these. As part of our risk assessment service we’ll advise on procedural aspects of the process to ensure that proper record keeping is carried out including the use of an accident book.

Make sure your workplace meets the regulatory standards set out by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. As well as assessing your workplace for employees at Lincolnshire Safety Solutions we’ll also be able to ensure that your workplace provides a safe environment for visitors.