Health and Safety Training Services

At Lincolnshire Safety Solutions we’re a leading provider of health and safety training for businesses in all sectors and industries. Our health and safety consultants have worked with a huge range of businesses and provided health and safety training across different topics including fire training, manual handling, COSHH awareness, permit to work and many more. In addition to our onsite health and safety training we can also carry out a full range of consultancy services including competent person and risk assessment services.

Fire safety

Fire safety is important for businesses in any industry. We can offer you everything from fire extinguisher to fire safety awareness and fire warden training. Ensure your employees know how to deal with a fire in an emergency and that you are compliant with workplace health and safety regulations with our onsite training. Training can be fully tailored to your needs and can include a full fire hazard training audit to help identify potential risks and how these can be mitigated.

Emergency scenario

Do you know how your employees would react in an emergency? By their very nature, emergencies are unplanned and happen without warning. Without proper training your employees are likely to panic and make the situation worse. Our emergency scenario trainer will educate your staff on actions to take in various workplace situations. From fires to falls from height, the training will be customized to your workplace and potential risks.


COSHH is a law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. These substances can take many forms from chemicals and products containing chemicals to fumes, dusts, vapor and more. At Lincolnshire Safety Solutions we can provide you with professional training on everything from identifying hazardous substances to how to reduce any risks.


Our manual handling training is designed to raise awareness while also reducing risk of injury while performing manual handling tasks. Training can include good handling techniques, how to use mechanical aids, safe manual handling practices and other elements. All our training is fully bespoke to your workplace and the tasks of your staff


Do you struggle to train new staff on health and safety? We can provide health and safety induction training for your business as well as presentations. Let our fully trained health and safety consultants tackle all your workplace training and run induction training for your business.

Permit to

In circumstances where there is a high-risk involved in carrying out proposed work then a permit-to-work system needs to be put in place. This is a documented procedure that sets out the precautions required to complete the work safely. We can provide training on this and how to set up a permit-to-work system for your workplace.


Have your own health and safety material or training that you need delivering? Our team will be happy to tackle your train and provide an affordable tutor solution for all of your health and safety training needs.